The Track

Our Tampa location has two different tracks, a Grand Prix Track and a SpeedTrack. Our Clearwater/St. Petersburg location has one Grand Prix track.


The Grand Prix Track and Speed Track


If you feel the need for speed, you’re in luck because speed is what our tracks are all about. The fastest and most unique electric indoor go-karting experience around! Reach speeds of up to 50 mph on our electric Italian Pro-Karts, while racing on our challenging tracks full of straightaways allowing you to gain speed, tight turns to challenge your abilities, and off-camber corners that keep you wrestling with your steering wheel. Strive to achieve the best lap times, and see your progress with your own personal race report that will print out as you come off the track. On our tracks, you are able to race against up to 10 friends, family, or other racing enthusiasts. Speed, adrenaline, and friendly competition are available right here at Tampa Bay Grand Prix! For our Tampa location, one track is clockwise, while the other is counter clockwise. During special events both tracks can be joined to make a super track!


Also available – rent out our tracks by the hour.
$780 per hour – weekdays $980 per hour – weekends
***Call our event coordinator to reserve!***


Tampa Tracks

Grand Prix Track                                                            Speed Track

gptrack2monster track


Clearwater/ St. Petersburg Track