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Our karts are designed especially for rental as they are modern, durably designed, reliable, handle easily and have lower maintenance costs than petrol karts.
An OTL kart does not simply contain an electric engine (powered by batteries with an electric engine controller) instead of an internal combustion engine, but rather is conceived from its birth in 1996 as a means of electric propulsion and this technology has been subjected to continual evolution prompted by both research and by track experience.


Our karts use the latest brushless AC technology, engine 48-volt with a maximum power of 12 kW, with a controller from 60 A to 400 A fed by 4 batteries of the latest generation (approved for electric competition karts). We use gel seal batteries that are maintenance free.


Our unique frame is made of 35 mm steel tubes with adequate reinforcements, FIA approved with welding certification. The disk brakes are self-ventilating and the chain drive transmission is completely covered by the body of the kart constructed in resin with a multi-axle mat for security.
The karts are calibrated to reach a speed up to 50mp/h. We set up the ideal speed depending on the organization, the track length, the grip and the design.


All our karts are programmed with 3 forward speeds, a reverse, a stop and a slow. Safe and easy to control, each kart is pre-equipped for the installation of a full radio control. The high technology of our system allows us to change the speed (pre-programmed speed 1, 2 and 3) to slow or stop each kart, or all of them.

Junior Kart

The Junior kart uses two 12-volt batteries for a total of 24 volts with a maximum velocity of 20mp/h, and is autonomous for up to 20 minutes, depending on the maximum velocity employed. Recharge time takes about 6 to 12 minutes based on the energy consumed.

Juniors are welcome to Tampa Bay Grand Prix, starting around 6 years old and a minimum height of 48″.