Tampa Bay Grand Prix : Frequently Asked Questions


How does it work?
First time racing? No problem. Upon arrival, you will sign up in our computer/kiosk system with basic information. Once completed, you will sign your waiver at the front desk, pick out a race package, and purchase an annual racing license. When your race is ready, you will be called into the pit and attend a safety and instructional briefing. After putting on a helmet and head sock, you will be assigned a kart number and race will begin shortly after.

How much is it to race?
$16 for 16 laps which is 1 race, or $39 for three 16 lap races. There is a $5 annual membership required per person. Juniors are $12 for 12 laps or $29 for three 12 lap races.

What is the racing license for?
The racing license is a required membership that gives customers access to both facilities for one year, access to racing, use of helmets and head socks, and a monthly Tampa Bay Grand Prix newsletter.

If we buy 3, do we have to use them all?
These races NEVER expire. They can be used any time, any day.

Can the 3 race pack be used for 3 different people?
No. All races purchased are PER PERSON and cannot be split up. We are not able to transfer credits.

How long does 1 race take?
Generally 7-10 minutes.

How many people can race at one time?
10 people on the track at one time

How big is the track?
¼ mile

Hours of operation?
Open 7 days a week, every day we open at 11am.
Clearwater – Sun-Thurs close at 10pm. Fri close at 11pm. Sat close at 12am.
Tampa – Sun-Thurs close at 11pm. Fri-Sat close at 12am.

Do you need a reservation?
No. Walk in racers are welcome (unless there is a facility rental at the time they plan to come). For birthday parties and rentals, a reservation is recommended.

What kind of karts are they? How fast?
These are electric karts. The adult karts can reach speeds up to 50 MPH. Junior karts can reach 20 MPH.

What is the requirement for children?
Kids must be 48″ or taller. No exceptions. They simply won’t reach the pedals. Age should be 6 years old or older.

How tall must someone be to be in an adult kart?
56″ or taller. No age requirement.